Zoe Alexander
Zoe Alexander


Design Projects

A mix of UX/UI design, brand identity design, and personal projects.


10 X 10 ux/ui design

Proposed mobile app design for 10x10, a company that brings together recruiters and engineers.


Circa Diem

Conceptual tabletop game design meant to reflect the relationship of time and space for students at RISD.


the river logo design

A series of proposed logos created for an event for the Garden Club of Virginia. The challenge posed by this assignment, in my perspective, was balancing the imagery in abstraction, too much information versus too little. After several tests, the client chose the last iteration.


Shopping ux study

A UX/UI shopping study.

Cellar Stories ux/ui design

Redesign of outdated website for Cellar Stories, a popular used bookstore in Rhode Island.


spring Forward logo design

Client working on Spring at Capital One looking for possible logo directions for the Spring Forward initiative, one would later be presented in a meeting. Presented are different iterations of text logos and graphic logos. The client’s interest in showing momentum and keeping with the “Spring” brand identity were of priority. A few conference calls later, and the first logo was chosen.


Puppy post logo design

Logos created for the digital marketing agency Create Digital (now authentic.). The office was looking for logos to attach to their social media posts about dogs.

Sportable Mural

Sportable, a non-profit located in Richmond VA, needed a mural design for their headquarters.


Creative match ux/ui design

Mobile app design. “Tinder for employers and employees in creative careers.”


Du’notte Travel Brand Creation

Satirical print designs for a fictional travel agency pushing the agenda of staying at home. Why go places? Du’Notte!


Polluted Pals Brand Identity, product and packaging design

Toy design: starting with a product and ending with a fully design package. When do we hit the toy stores?



Annual personal project that happens during every strawberry season. Designing jar logos is my jam!